A poet and independent scholar, David Eberly is co-editor, together with Suzette Henke, of Virginia Woolf and Trauma: Embodied Texts and has presented numerous papers about Woolf, focusing on the impact of sexual abuse on her life and work.

David is the author of What Has Been Lost, published by Good Gay Poets.  Since then, his poetry has appeared sporadically in various anthologies and journals.  More recently, he has turned his attention to the practice of Narrative Medicine, and the relationship between health, trauma, discourse, and the creative act.



I prefer to read old poets now,
their words mean more.

I suppose it’s the lack of busyness
we share, having failed at life

like everyone else. Out of style,
I don’t bother with how I dress.

Nothing too expensive or tight.
I cannot bear the weight.

At night, tormented by grief,
I get up and open a book. I find

I am accompanied, if only
for a few steps. I can tough it out.

David M. Eberly


"Freedom from unreal loyalties" - Virginia Woolf